Welcome to Twin Lake Homes Manufactured Home Park, a 55+ Community

The following park rules and regulations have been established for the benefit of all residents living in Twin Lake Homes Manufactured Home Park. They are for the sole purpose of maintaining a good standard quality of living.

Twin Lake Homes, Ltd., the operator of Twin Lake Homes Manufactured Park, is an Ohio limited liability company established in 1979. Twin Lake Homes Manufactured Home Park offers equal housing opportunities. We do business in accordance with State and Federal fair housing law and will not discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, sex or national origin in the sale or rental of housing or residential lots, in advertising the sale of housing; in financing of housing or in providing real estate brokerage service.

Please read through the policies below or download the PDF to print or save. If you have any questions or need additional information regarding these park rules and regulations, please contact the park management during normal business hours at (440) 323-9900. We will be pleased to assist you.

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Occupancy and Rental

1. The owner or owners of the manufactured home must be the resident and must occupy the manufactured home during the full term of the tenancy. The tenancy shall terminate if the owner or owners do not occupy the manufactured home. Please make sure a copy of your home title is in our office file.

2. Park management does not permit the renting of any manufactured home.

3. No resident may sublease or permit anyone to occupy the manufactured home while the resident is not occupying the manufactured home. If a resident wishes to have a new individual occupy his or her manufactured home with them, the new individual must be 55+ years old and apply for residency and must pass a background check, then receive approval from management prior to moving in. (Temporary exceptions may occur depending on park approval. The necessary paperwork can be picked up at the Sales office). Such approval will not be unreasonably withheld. Persons not approved for occupancy may not occupy the manufactured home.

4. A manufactured home may be used only as a single- family residence and must be occupied by the legal and registered title holder of the home.

5. No manufactured home shall accommodate or be occupied by more than two persons per bedroom.

6. The resident must register each occupant of the manufactured home and must be 55+ years old.

7. Any individual who stays in the park for a period of five or more consecutive calendar days is deemed a “long term guest.” Residents must register all long term guests with park management within seven calendar days of the first day of the visit. Consistent with the provisions of this paragraph, management has the right to reject any long term guest; (a) who is a registered sex offender or felon; (b) who has previously disturbed, threatened or harassed any resident in the park; (c) who has otherwise engaged in disruptive, violent or illegal conduct in the park; and /or (d) where other good cause exists to reject the proposed long term guest. If a long term guest registration has been rejected, the resident must require the long term guest to leave the park’s premises immediately upon notification of the rejection. (A background check will be required of anyone 18 and over living, (or staying longer than 5 days) at the home at a cost of $25 per individual).

8. Ohio law requires residents agree to provide the following information to park management upon request: (a) the name of the homeowner and all inhabitants of each home; (b) the ages of all inhabitants of each home.

9. Residents are required to give the office emergency phone numbers in case of an emergency situation, water leak, death or accident.

10. Each resident has the right to sell his manufactured home within the park if resident gives park management five days advanced written intention of his intention to do so.

11. Occupancy within the park is permitted only by previously approved residents registered at the office for a designated site. Each resident shall bring a proposed or new purchaser to park management to complete all applications for residency. The purchaser/new resident must meet all park rules and regulations, requirements, credit approval, personal character requirements, and background check of $25 per individual living in the home in order to keep the purchased home in the park. The purchaser/new resident must agree to all community rules and regulations and evidence that agreement in writing, prior to commencing occupancy in the home.

12. Any home that is being sold to a new purchaser must meet all federal, state and local code requirements including, but not limited to, electrical, health safety and building codes. Management has the right to reject a prospective resident’s application to keep the purchased home in the park based upon the manufactured home’s failure to meet such code requirements. Park management reserves the right to maintain standards which regulate the quality and condition of the exterior and interior of any manufactured home within the park. Park management has the right to reject a prospective resident’s application to keep the purchased home in the park based upon the obsolescence or deterioration of the manufactured home. Note: If the home is sold without obtaining prior approval of the purchaser for occupancy, then Resident will remain responsible for all rent, taxes and utilities which accrue, regardless of whether the Resident continues to occupy the home or holds the title. All rent and other charges owed by the Resident must be paid prior to closing the sale of the home. No tenancy is transferable and Resident’s tenancy continues until the purchaser is approved and executes a lease with the Community.

13. Twin Lake Homes does not permit solicitation of any kind, whether door to door, or signs advertising any company, product or service. For Sale signs are considered advertising a product and sometimes a company, so for this reason, they are also not permitted. Signs are not permitted on the lot, in the windows, or on sheds of any of the homes within our community. Park management reserves the right to remove any such sign without a risk of loss or liability. Open House signs are permissible only during the hours of the open house for that home (maximum 2 hours).

14. Lot rent is due 1st of the month. A $50.00 late fee will be charged after the fifth of each month. If lot rent is late 2 or more times, an automatic online payment withdrawal will be required.

15. Lease Renewal Requests will be mailed on an annual basis. These are to be completed, signed & returned to the office no later than December 31st of each year. This is a legal document for your benefit as well. Failure to return lease renewal request by the designated date will result in a $25 late fee.

16. Residents are to be 55 yrs. or older (unless grandfathered in before December 31, 2016).

17. Non-Sufficient Funds (Dishonored Checks). When a resident’s rent, late fee or other check is dishonored, management will charge an additional $30 (bank fee) that will need to be paid, along with a $50 late fee (if applicable). If the total charges are not paid by a money order or cashier’s check within 48 hours notice to the resident, then management may revoke acceptance of the rental paid and seek its remedies at law.


1. Residents shall maintain themselves at all times in a safe and sanitary manner.

2. Residents must comply with the requirements imposed on the residents by all applicable state and local housing, health, and safety codes, rules of the public health council, and rules of the manufactured home park.

3. Residents must personally refrain, and forbid any other person who is on the premises with the resident’s permission, from intentionally or negligently destroying, defacing, damaging, or removing any fixture, or other part of the residential premises.

4. Resident must conduct self and require other persons on the premises with the resident’s consent to conduct themselves in a manner that will not disturb the resident’s neighbors’ peaceful enjoyment of the manufactured home park.

5. Resident shall not unreasonably withhold consent for the park management to enter the home to inspect utility connections, or enter on to the premises in order to inspect the premises, make ordinary, necessary, or agreed repairs, decorations, alterations, or improvements. The office will call you for permission to enter.

6. Excessive use of intoxicating liquors, use of abusive or vile language, and indecency or disorderly conduct will not be tolerated anywhere in the park by residents, their families, guests or other invitees. Repeated police presence will not be tolerated by the park.

7. Residents shall personally refrain from and forbid any other person on his/her premises from causing or creating any offensive or unreasonably loud noise which disturbs other resident’s peaceful enjoyment of the manufactured home park.

8. Each resident is personally responsible for the conduct of all individuals in his/her home, including guests or invitees, and will be liable for any conduct or behavior, intentional or negligent, which disrupts the park or other residents’ peaceful enjoyment of the manufactured home park or results in any damage to the park or the property of another resident. Park management is not responsible or liable for any damage or injury caused by a resident or his/her guests or invitees to the person or property of another resident of the park. The supervision of children is required and the responsibility of the resident, parent or guardian. Curfew for children under 18 is 10 pm.

9. Residents along with their guests and invitees must abide by all federal, state and local criminal and traffic laws within the park.

10. An applicant must not have been convicted of a Felony involving sex offenses, offenses involving violence or theft, or the possession, manufacture or distribution of, including intent to distribute controlled substances or drugs. Any resident receiving any such felony conviction will no longer be permitted to occupy the premises and must immediately vacate the park.

11. The possession, use, distribution, sale, purchase, or display of any illegal drug or substance within the park is strictly prohibited.

12. Carrying firearms or concealed firearms on park property is prohibited by park management, unless a valid “concealed license to carry” is provided.

13. The use of firearms, air guns, bow and arrows, sling shots or other dangerous weapons, or fireworks of any description is forbidden in the park.

14. No person, whether a resident, guest, or invitee, shall pedal or solicit orders for the sale or distribution of any merchandise, device, service, periodical, pamphlet, ticket, or engage in any other commercial activity. Engaging in hand billing, pamphlet, leafleting, picketing, political activity, speech writing or fundraising is prohibited on park grounds.

15. Yard sales at individual homes, patios, or on lots are prohibited in the park. The park has one large annual garage sale in the spring. All residents may participate in this sale. In order to do so, the resident must sign up in the park office. The park will obtain the permit needed from the city. Estate sales are allowed when a home owner has passed away or is relocating. Please check with the office first.

16. Residents must comply with the requirements imposed on residents by all applicable state and local housing, health and safety codes, rules of the public health council and rules of the manufactured home park.

17. Littering anywhere on the park premises is prohibited.

Manufactured Home Standards

1. Park management reserves the right to maintain standards which set forth the quality and condition of the exterior and interior of any manufactured home within the park.

2. The exterior appearance of the manufactured home and adjacent structures must be neat, clean and well-maintained at all times. If such maintenance is not conducted by the resident, management will notify the resident that the resident has thirty days to take such necessary actions to upgrade or maintain the exterior appearance of the home. If the resident fails to take action within thirty days, park management may conduct or contract for the maintenance and bill the resident for the reasonable cost of such service. “Which the resident agrees to pay as an additional fee.”

3. Park management has the right to accept or reject a prospective park resident’s application to keep the purchased home in the park based solely upon the condition or the obsolescence of the interior or exterior of the manufactured home in order to maintain park standards. These rules are to enforce and maintain home values and standards for all residents of the park. Management’s enforcement of these rules is not intended as any interference with the sale of any home.

4. Any home that is being sold to a new purchaser must meet all federal, state and local code requirements including, but not limited to, electrical, health, safety, and building codes. Management has the right to reject a prospective park resident’s application to keep the purchased home in the park based upon the manufactured home’s failure to meet such federal, state or local code requirements. All manufactured home accessories, sheds/barns and equipment owned or used by a resident, including personal vehicles (cars, trucks & motorcycles) shall be maintained in good repair and kept neat and clean at all times.

5. Hitches must be removed or concealed.

6. All tires and axles are also removed at the time that the home is set up.

7. All repairmen, plumbers, electricians, roofers and other servicemen hired to do work in the park must be responsible, qualified and licensed by the appropriate licensing authority if required. All work must be performed in accordance with state and local codes. The park office requires a copy of a Contractor’s liability insurance, workers compensation and a permit for the work to be done. Any work conducted by the above on a resident’s manufactured home is the responsibility of the resident. Park management will not assume any financial responsibility for work or service which is conducted on a resident’s home done by an outside contractor on the resident’s behalf, any injury or damage resulting from service or repair to the lot, home or any bodily injury to any person or property is solely the responsibility of the resident.

8. No alterations or additions shall be made to the exterior of the manufactured home or the manufactured home site without prior written consent from park management. Wood decks and patios are permitted provided that the resident has sufficient space on his or her lot. Please provide a detailed description in writing, along with a Construction Approval/Request Form completed and wait for approval from the office. Form can be picked up at either the business or sales office. Any outside structure being built must be built with treated lumber. It is the residents’ responsibility to obtain the proper permits and contact OUPS if necessary. Local building codes may require a permit, and the resident is responsible for obtaining all necessary permits. Compliance with all state and local codes is the responsibility of the resident. Park management does not assume any responsibility or liability for the resident’s failure of compliance. All decks, stoops, and porches must be enclosed below the deck surface.

9. A resident may replace a home; however, such replacement shall not occur without the written, prior approval of park management. The home must be built to all HUD codes and specifications and manufactured homes. Park management shall have the option of requiring drawings, manufacturer guidelines and/or other building/construction paperwork, to be given to management for review prior to the commencement of any replacement activity.

10. Manufactured homes entering and leaving the park may be moved, installed or disassembled to or from the lot by any person provided that person provides to park management a surety bond in the amount of $1,500 to insure against damage to park property. Park management must be notified of the time of move, which should be between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Any such notification must be provided at least five business days in advance of the move so the park management may have an inspector present. A move may not be scheduled at any other time unless park management has given written permission for an alternative time. No move is permitted without park management’s inspector present. Twin Lake Homes will charge a refundable deposit of $2,500.00 to be paid before the work is started for the removal of the home. The outside contractors must report to the office BEFORE they get started.

11. Installation of all manufactured homes must conform to federal, state and local building, safety and health codes and resident is responsible for complete compliance therewith.

12. Only transporters of manufactured homes, properly authorized by the Ohio Department of Transportation and/or the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, are permitted to move homes into or out of the park. The time such transporters are scheduled to be in the park must be reported to park management.

13. Gutters are recommended for proper water run-off. At no time is PVC pipe to be used for gutters or any other such type materials. Gutters are to be cleaned out regularly and if clogged gutter is noticed by management, resident will receive a notice to clean out and given 10 days or we will do it at a cost of $50/per man hour.

14. Standard satellite dishes are permitted but management reserves the right to restrict the placement of the satellite dishes based upon aesthetic reasons, as long as the resident’s receipt of the over-the-air-signals are not interfered with or restricted in any manner and the cost imposed is not unreasonable. Large outside antennas and CB towers are not permitted.

15. The location and installation of all wall-mounted or central air conditioners and fans must be approved in writing by park management prior to installation. Air conditioners and fans shall not be installed to the front of a manufactured home. All through-the-wall type air conditioners must have manufacturer and park management approved metal casing extensions on the external portion of the manufactured home. Metal casing extensions should be of white baked enamel finish. All wall-mounted units must be self supporting with no braces running to the manufactured home or the ground.

16. No person shall place or store anything beneath the manufactured home. No person shall house or otherwise keep animals beneath the manufactured home. Firewood or other combustible materials must be stored in a safe place approved by park management.

17. Skirting around the manufactured home must be maintained in good condition and coordinate with the color of the home. Damage to skirting and/or missing panels must be immediately replaced. Secure skirting so unwanted animals cannot get under your home. If Wildlife Control is called to remove an unwanted animal, it will be the expense of the resident. Skirting must be kept clean, and properly painted at all times. Remember not to use weed whackers too closely to homes as this may cause damage to skirting.

18. Paint colors for the manufactured home, skirting, storage barns, sheds, or any adjacent or similar structure on the manufactured home lot must be approved in advance by park management in writing.

19. Steps for each manufactured home must be approved by park management prior to installation. Such steps must be made of concrete or treated lumber, include safety hand rails and meet all federal, state and local legal requirements. Fiberglass steps are prohibited.

20. Mailboxes are provided by the park.

21. Residents must clearly display their house number (must be at least 4 inches) on their manufactured home so as to be readily seen and identifiable by fire, police and/or emergency personnel. Please make sure overgrown bushes, shrubs and/or trees are trimmed back and do not block the view of house numbers.

22. As of October 2008 for the safety of all residents and the suggestion of our governing authorities, we are requiring that any carport being installed in Twin Lake Homes meet all safety requirements.

23. Blinds, curtains and window treatments need to be in good condition. Sheets, blankets, flags or throws are some examples of unacceptable window treatments.

24. Residents are required to maintain their homes, sites and accessories in accordance with these rules. Where not otherwise specified, such maintenance shall at a minimum require that all accessories be properly affixed or mounted in accordance with the design and purpose thereof, that roofs be properly maintained; that no home or outbuilding (shed/barn/garage) be permitted to show signs of rust or corrosion, rotten or decayed wood; that no holes be permitted in skirting; that siding be maintained in good repair and that doors, windows and screens be properly mounted and affixed. The forgoing shall not be deemed an exclusive listing of maintenance requirements, but rather an illustration of the general requirement that homes and sites be maintained in an attractive and well-maintained matter. If you are uncertain about the community standards for your home, please contact management. The resident agrees to inspections of the home site, which are conducted by management.

Lot Standards

1. Park management reserves the right to maintain standards which set forth the condition of each resident’s lot. The appearance of each resident’s lot must be neat and clean at all times. Residents must keep their lot and any other part of the park premises that they occupy and/or use in safe and sanitary condition.

2. No resident shall fail to maintain his lawn in a sightly, well-groomed manner. Residents must clean up all grass clippings. Spring time mowing is expected to be done at least one time per week. Lawns should be regularly watered during dry times. The premises shall not be used for storage except for patio furniture or barbeque equipment, which must be kept in good condition. Twigs and small branches are to be secured together in no longer than 4 ft. bundles and taken to the curb for pick up. If a resident fails to maintain his lawn, park management will notify the resident that the resident has three days to take such necessary actions to upgrade or maintain his lawn or yard. If the resident fails to take action within three days, park management may, but is not required to, perform all work such as mowing, clipping, leaf removal and other services necessary to upgrade or maintain the yard. Residents will be billed a charge of $50.00 per man hour plus the cost of material in the event that the park is required to mow their lawn and at reasonable rates for any additional material and labor provided in maintaining the resident’s lot,” which the resident agrees to pay as an additional fee.” *Blowing your grass clippings into the street is prohibited, as this clogs up our storm sewers. Grass and leave clippings are to be placed in paper lawn bags for curbside pickup. No landscape debris, grass or leaves should ever be placed in the ditch. All landscaping must be properly maintained by resident. If overgrown bushes, weeds, flower beds or pots are noticed by management, a 10 day notice will be given. If not corrected, a charge of $50/man hour will be charged to resident.

3. Landscaping is encouraged by the park management. Under no circumstances will weeping willows or similar trees be permitted. Park management will require all residents to contact the office before doing any digging to prevent damage to our underground utilities. OUPS (Call 811 before you dig) should be notified and is the resident’s responsibility. Sewer, water, gas, electric, cable and other underground facilities may be identified and properly protected and park aesthetics maintained. Should the resident choose to plant a tree, all of the maintenance for that tree will be the responsibility of the homeowner such as, trimming, pruning, and the removal if required during the term of the lease. If a tree requires removal, Community Management must be informed prior to the tree’s removal. *Landscaping, all shrubs, and any additional structures must be 2 ft. inside your lot line (unless otherwise approved by management), and must be able to be maintained on both sides. Landscaping is not permitted to in any way cover the gray water box located on the front of the home, obstructing the radio read of the utility meter.

4. Repair of any underground utility lines damaged by digging or planting on the premises will be charged to the appropriate resident causing or participating in the cause of the damage. Call the office first for approval along with calling OUPS 811 (Call before you dig). Repair to common areas and other homes/buildings damaged by a resident’s maintenance activities will be charged to the resident causing or participating in the cause of the damage.

5. Small vegetable gardens no larger than 10’x 20’ and located behind the home, may be permitted upon written approval from park management. Gardens are to be maintained at all times (properly “winterizing” weeds, etc.) Park management reserves the right to place restrictions upon the type of gardens within the park. Planting vegetables in areas which have been landscaped by the park is not permitted.

6. Residents shall not drive rods, stakes, shovels, pipes or other objects into the ground in any area in the park without first obtaining written approval from park management.

7. Patios, driveways and the street in front of the home must be kept free of gasoline and oil stains. When damage to asphalt or concrete is caused by gasoline or oil leaks, resident must remove these stains, or charges for such stain removal will be accessed by park management.

8. Concrete foundations under your home and their repair are the responsibility of the homeowner and will not be repaired by Twin Lake Homes. Twin Lake Homes shall not be responsible for damages whether direct, incidental, or consequential arising from or out of settling on the lot or cracking and settling of the foundation.

9. Sidewalks, driveways and patios must be kept clear of snow and ice by resident. Use of rock salt or other products which may damage concrete is forbidden. (We suggest using calcium chloride). Be considerate of other resident’s and do not block driveways or mailboxes with motor vehicles. Motor vehicles may not be parked on any of the park’s streets during the Winter Snow Parking Ban when there is 2” of snow on the ground or in the forecast. Parking on the mailbox side of the street is prohibited at all times.

10. Lawnmowers, garden tools, other lawn equipment and auto parts must be stored in an approved shed or utility storeroom. Under no circumstances may such equipment or other items not maintained inside the manufactured home be allowed to remain on the patio (except well maintained patio furniture) or on the manufactured home lot.

11. Clothes, sheets, blankets or related items may not be hung outside the home for drying, airing or any other purpose.

12. Refrain from excessive yard décor. Holiday décor must come down within a reasonable amount of time.

13. No resident may have a fire pit that is less than 25 ft. from the house and not left unattended. The wood stack in the fire pit can be no larger than 2 ft. high x 3 ft. wide. Use clean, seasoned firewood or equivalent. Leaves are not permitted to be burned, but must be put in leaf bags and put to the curb for pick up.

14. If a resident elects to have a temporary children’s pool, it is never to be left unattended by a supervising adult with water in it at any time. Grandparents or guardian must be with the child at all times when in use and the pool must be emptied immediately when unattended. Children’s pools must be no deeper than 1 foot in height. These are to be emptied each evening and put away.

15. Residents are permitted to install a fence on their lot only with prior park approval. Any such fence must meet park standards including, but not limited to, being 48” or less in height, picket fence style, must be wood, vinyl or wrought iron and well maintained. No snow fences permitted. Park management reserves the right to require residents to remove fences that are not approved or are not well maintained. Please present drawings showing where the fence will be installed in relation to home, shed, etc. (Construction form available in offices).

16. All homes must have one storage shed. Shed style must be conforming and colors must match/coordinate the color of the home and be approved in advance by park management. Shed may range in size from 8’x 8’ up to 16’ x 20’, but will be determined case by case depending upon lot size. All rotten or decayed wood must be repaired or replaced. Roofing must be maintained. The resident agrees to replace any shed which does not meet the community standards. Rubbermaid or metal sheds are not permitted. Secure the area around the bottom so unwanted animals cannot get under shed. If Wildlife Control is called to remove an unwanted animal, it will be the expense of the resident.

17. Outside storage is limited to one shed only. There is to be no storage in the yards, in front of or behind the home and no storage at all under the carport at any time.

18. The park provides each lot with a light post. These light posts are maintained by the park and use a special bulb. If the bulb goes out, do not attempt to change it. Please fill out a Work Order online or in the office when your bulb in light post
needs replaced. Light posts are to remain white. If painted another color, you will be given 10 days to change back to white. If not done in 10 days, Twin Lakes will have it done at a charge of $50/man hour. Reminder, this post is park property.

19. Flag poles must be approved by park management prior to installation. All flags are to be on a flag pole, not draped over railings or hung in windows, and should be in good condition.

20. Should government authorities provide for, or require, the billing of fees or charges for solid waste disposal or sewage to individual lots, or should such governmental authorities levy fines or similar charges against the park based upon the condition of the resident’s lot, park management reserves the right to require each resident to assume the responsibility of payment of such fees, fines and charges.

21. Firewood must be stored in compliance with park and health department standards. Park standards require that firewood be neatly and uniformly stacked around the shed and elevated off the ground. Firewood must be covered with a substantially secure cover, such as canvas or tarpaulin. At no time may the firewood be stacked on the patio or carport area.

22. Basketball hoops of any kind are strictly prohibited.

Parking and Motor Vehicles

1. Motorcycles are permitted within the park. Motorcycles and vehicles with diesel engines being operated within the park are to be idled and not operated at full throttle. Operating motorcycles or similar vehicles in an unreasonably loud manner are prohibited. Snowmobiles, dirt bikes and four-wheeled off road vehicles such as ATV’s are prohibited. Use of a four-wheeled vehicle with a snowplow for the limited purpose of snowplowing is permitted.

2. All motor vehicles must be operated by drivers, licensed by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles and have to be in compliance with all applicable laws.

3. The maximum speed limit is fifteen (15) M.P.H. for all motor vehicles in the park. All traffic control signs within the park must be obeyed. Rules of the road apply to golf carts as well. Parents are responsible for their children and must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

4. Motor vehicles not in working condition must be removed from the park. Unlicensed, unregistered and/or inoperable vehicles will not be permitted to remain in the park. Loud mufflers will not be tolerated and must be fixed in a timely manner. All vehicles must be in good condition inside and out.

5. Residents are prohibited from performing major repairs to their motor vehicles within the park.

6. No trucks over ¾ ton, truck tractors motor homes or trailers shall be placed on any manufactured home lot. Alternative arrangements for these vehicles must be made by residents. Automobiles or any other vehicles may not be parked in the grass or upon any unpaved portion of any lot.

7. Residents may only park in their own driveways. Guests may park on the street if needed. There is no parking permitted on the mailbox side of the street at any time. There is no parking allowed on the street after midnight. Overnight guests may use the graveled parking area on the side of the park office or the lot across from the business office between the hours of midnight and 6:00 a.m. (Please let the office know). If a resident receives 5 parking tickets in the same calendar year, you will be billed $50 each time after. All these payments are first applied to any outstanding balance.

8. Ohio Department of Health Laws, Section 3701-27-26, prohibits boats or recreational vehicles from being stored on individual manufacture home lots. No trucks or trailers shall be parked on any manufactured home lot. Alternative arrangements for these vehicles must be made.

9. There is no parking permitted in the yard or any grassy area at any time. Vehicles are to be parked in the driveways. Should there be a need for extra parking, the homeowner needs to add a pull-off to their driveway at their cost. Work needs to be approved through the office first by a licensed contractor.

10. No more than 4 vehicles are permitted per residence.

Snow Ban

There is a snow ban from November 1st through April 30th. No parking on the street if there is 2” snow on the ground or in the forecast. There is no overnight parking permitted at all during the snow ban. Any vehicles parked on the street DAY OR NIGHT during the snow ban when there is 2” of snow or more or ice present on the road, or predicted, are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense.

Community Hall

Mc Bid Hall is available for use to park Residents only.

The hours of use are:

Monday – Friday 10:00 am – 10:30 pm
Saturday 10:00 am – 11:00 pm
Sunday 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

It is a non-smoking facility. If a resident chooses to include alcohol at a party for those attendees 21 yrs. and older, it is their responsibility to hire a security guard at their expense. Call the park office at (440) 323-9900 for details. The hall is limited to hold 99 people per fire ordinance. Residents that use recreational facilities or park common areas are responsible for damage or injury occurring during their usage of the property. NO REFUNDS FOR DAMAGE. If a party gets unruly, loud or complaints are received, management reserves the right to end the party immediately.


1. No resident may own a pet in the park without first obtaining written consent from Park Management. The limit for pets is no more than 2 per household at any time. Dogs must be less than 45 lbs. at full growth. Park management will make exceptions, case by case, depending on medical reasons and temperament of dog – shot records are required. If a new dog is brought into a residence, it must be checked out by the office first.

2. Only well behaved domesticated dogs or cats are permitted as pets. Vicious or dangerous dogs as defined by the Ohio Revised Code 955.11 are not permitted within the community. Breeds such as a Rottweiler, Great Dane, Pit Bull, Doberman, etc. are not permitted. No exotic animals may be kept in the park. The park reserves the right to refuse any dog that is determined to be a threat to the resident or any other park resident.

3. No dangerous animal or animals which present a health or safety risk to the park and or its residents will not be permitted. Dogs that, by their behavior, disturb the peaceful enjoyment of the community will be required to be removed from the community.

4. If an approved pet has bitten, attacked or otherwise injured or assaulted any person or other animal, management must be notified immediately and depending on situation, animal may lose residency privileges and have to be removed from park. The bite or attack has to be verified either by vet or witnesses. This will constitute a material violation of these rules.

5. Pet waste stations are provided around the park for residents to dispose of waste when walking their dogs. This is not to be used for yard waste disposal, personal garbage or any other form of trash.

Section 3701-27-27, Paragraph B of the Ohio Department of Health laws specifically states:

6. Domestic animals or house pets are not allowed to run at large, or create a nuisance in manufactured home communities, and Community Management respects this law. No pet may be left outside unattended, even while on a leash. No dog tie lines are permitted.

7. Pet owners can walk their dogs throughout the park as long as the dog is on a leash that is no longer than 6 ft.

8. The owner must pick up after their pet. All residues (waste) and/or damage from animals shall be removed, repaired and promptly disposed of by the resident. If the owner has not picked up dog waste in a timely manner and Twin Lakes intervenes, the resident will incur a charge of $25 for labor.

9. Unruly or noisy pets are prohibited. Barking dogs must be attended to immediately.

10. Pets must be licensed and inoculated according to all applicable laws.

11. Pets are not permitted in community hall.

12. Doghouses, indoor pet shelters and enclosures are not permitted.

13. All dogs and cats must be neutered or spayed.

14. Feeding stray animals is prohibited unless supported by the APL spay & neuter release program and park management. Residents, who simply leave a bowl of food outside for stray animals, need to be advised that they are legally considered to be a harborer of that animal, in any incident involving animal bites or nuisances created by the harbored animal. They will be considered to be the responsible party.

15. Twin Lake Homes will not be responsible for payment when Wildlife Control must be called to remove an unwanted animal for a resident.


1. Residents must dispose of all trash, garbage, and other waste in a clean, safe and sanitary manner. Garbage cans must be kept out of site. Any garbage that does not fit into the blue container will not be picked up and must be disposed of by resident. Carpet sections and branches/twigs must be no larger than 4 ft. when left to the curb for pick up. Please make sure trash and recycle bins are never in the street.

2. Each resident must maintain in good repair any and all water, sewage, gas and electric lines or pipes outside the manufactured home up to the point of connection with park facilities. If a resident causes any line or pipe to become clogged or non-functional because of foreign matter including, but not limited to, wipes, sanitary napkins, rags or paper towels, toys, personal items etc. The resident must pay for restoring the line to the service.

3. Trash pickup is currently on Mondays. Should there be a change, the park office will notify the resident of the change.

4. Garbage and recycle will be collected by the current waste management company. Each resident will receive a blue container in which to place all their trash, garbage and waste and a green bin for recyclables. Said containers are to be put out no earlier than the night before pick-up and put away the same day. Garbage or trash may not be placed in anything other than the blue container. If resident damages or defaces his/her container, they will be charged to replace it. Blue bin is for trash, garbage, and waste. The following is a list of acceptable items that can be put in the Green bin for recycling (must be empty, clean, dry and loose): paperboard, steel cans, cardboard, magazines, household plastics #1-7, cereal boxes, mail, paper, phonebooks, aluminum cans, glass bottles. When waste and recycling bins are full, they are to be taken to the curb (not on the street) the night before or by 6 am the morning of collection day. They are not to sit full for days. These bins are to be brought in the same day after they have been emptied.

5. Occasional use of the dumpster for large items is allowed. Misuse of the dumpster will result in a charge to the resident determined by management’s discretion.

6. Residents must call utility companies for service (Electric – Ohio Edison, Gas – Columbia Gas). Pioneer Energy Management handles the water meter reads and billing. All water bills are to be paid to Twin Lake Homes. All utilities are the resident’s responsibility except for trash/recyclables.

7. Maintenance of heat tapes on water lines is the responsibility of the resident. Water and sewer lines must be properly winterized by the resident to prevent from freezing. Damage caused by freezing water lines and/or labor and materials required to fix such frozen water lines, shall be the sole responsibility of the resident.


These park rules and regulations may be changed by park management by giving notice in writing of the changes and the effective date to all residents at least thirty (30) days prior to the effective date of such changes. The resident agrees to be subject to all subsequent amendments and modifications to these rules and regulations without further signature to be bound and obliged by these rules and amendments and will comply with the same.


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